4 Ingredients you don’t want on your skin

July 03, 2017

4 Ingredients you don’t want on your skin

We strive for better and healthier nutrition all the time, but what about the ingredients in our skincare? Shouldn’t we give them a second thought as well?

Here are some basic common ingredients you should look out for in your skincare products.

  • SLS - a common chemical used in car wash soap. You heard that right. SLS is commonly found in face soaps, gels and foams since it’s the ingredient that produces suds. You don’t want that on your skin, do yo
  • Parabens - more commonly known as preservatives. Some people can develop an allergy to parabens overtime and never know that this is the ingredient responsible for their spotty and dull skin. Best avoided!
  • Mineral Oil - a cheap oil produced from the same oil you fill up your car’s gas tank with. Again, is that something you want on your skin? I guess not.
  • Alcohol - alcohol is a common ingredient in many skincare products and can be harmless in creams and lotions. But in liquid form (like in toners and setting sprays) it can cause extreme dryness and patchiness.

It’s no secret that I believe the more natural the better and all of the Talia skincare range is packed full with ingredients that are good for you. Be kind to your skin and careful with your skincare, just as much as you are with your diet.

Xoxo Talia

Original article published on taliaskincare.com