Best Mother's Day Gifts That Will Make Her Feel Like a Queen

May 12, 2018

Best Mother's Day Gifts That Will Make Her Feel Like a Queen

There’s always a lot of pressure when it comes to Mother’s Day gift buying. You will always find yourself looking for something that she will love and use all the time. If you overthink it, you’ll end up becoming confused and the entire process harder than it should be. Our tip is to basically not stress about it! Our recommendation would be to gift the most important woman in your life with sustainable beauty products that she can easily incorporate in her current beauty routine. Go all out this year with these hair, skincare and beauty products that she will enjoy using on a regular basis.

Marula Pure Beauty Oil 'Pure Marula' Facial Oil: This is by far, one of our best-selling skincare products here on Kosmify. It quickly absorbs into the skin leaving no greasy-after oil while offering deep hydration that lasts all day long. It is the only doctor endorsed, scientifically validated facial oil, with 60% more antioxidants than the leading Argan Oil available in the market. Unlike other facial oils, Pure Marula Oil is completely virgin, wild harvested, hand-selected, and cold pressed with no added heat or chemicals ensuring that its beneficial properties are captured in every bottle. With regular use, your Mom will notice significant improvement in her skin’s texture with age-defying radiance to boot. 

Eminence Organic Skin Care Neroli Age Corrective Eye Serum: This anti-aging, corrective eye serum will rejuvenate the appearance of Mom’s eyes in a single use. Why? It’s because this sought-after serum contains powerful ingredients that effectively reduces fine lines and wrinkles along with other signs of aging. After one use, she will notice firmness and tightness around the delicate skin surrounding the eyes with the natural retinol alternative complex in this serum’s formula. 

Talia Skincare Mineral Body Lotion: This high-performance, non-greasy lotion is unlike any other. The formula is extremely rich but absorbs in the skin almost instantly. It was made using the purest naturally-derived botanical ingredients including vitamin-rich essential oils and Hyaluronic acid to revive tone and protect Mom’s skin. 

Sutra Beauty Organic Deep Conditioning Hair Mask: This coveted hair mask uses the perfect balance of natural minerals and oils that revive the hair instantly. The mask starts by nourishing the hair cuticles, mending the hair and healing the damaged strands. This amazing formula will repair and reset your Mom’s hair and bring it to its healthiest state. 

Saryna Key Damage Repair Pure African Shea Butter for Natural Skin and Hair Moisturizer: Shea butter is one of our favorite skincare ingredients because it treats, rejuvenates and repairs both the hair and the skin. The best thing about this product is that it works as a great moisturizer to hydrate the skin and condition the hair all at the same time. It has high concentrations of vitamins A, E and F, amino acids and keratin which do all the magic! 

Visit our online store and choose from our wide selection of sustainable hair, skin and beauty products that you can give as gifts to your Moms.