Five Ways To Use Flat Iron

May 20, 2018

Five Ways To Use Flat Iron

Gone are the days when we only use the flat iron to - well, straighten the hair. This popular hair tool may have been invented for the purpose of making hair super sleek but through the years, hairstylists have found that it can be used in a variety of ways. Keep reading this post to learn five other (creative) ways of using your flat iron aside from straightening hair.

1.) Curl Short Hair Faster: Using a curling iron to curl your short hair (we're talking about bob styles and the likes) can be quite challenging. After applying for leave in conditioner on your hair, use a thin flat iron, like the Sutra Beauty Flat Iron, to curl a section of your short strands by gently twisting the hair clamped in your flat iron and pull afterwards. 

2.) Effortless Beachy Waves: We find it easiest to achieve the coolest hairstyle of the summer season using a flat iron. Simply braid your hair after applying a heat protectant- the size of the braids will depend on how big or lose you want your beach waves to be. Once you braid your hair, run a flat iron over it a few times to create imperfectly perfect waves.

3.) Pump Up The Volume: While it sounds counterintuitive, a flat iron can also add volume or fullness to your hair with the right technique. Glide the flat iron up the hair shaft and lift the strands away from the scalp - this will give you natural volume right at the hair roots.

4.) Solution For Sweaty Hairline: If you workout early in the morning and just in case you end up not having enough time to wash your hair, you can simply run a flat iron on your damp hairline to make them dry. Caution: Try this trick if your hair iron has porcelain plates, otherwise, the health of your hair might get compromised.

5.) Iron Your Clothes: If you notice your clothes have some wrinkled spots before hitting the door, you can quickly turn on your flat iron to smooth out the creases.