Effective Eye Cream for Dark Circles - The Key is the Formula

September 21, 2017

Effective Eye Cream for Dark Circles - The Key is the Formula

Unsightly dark circles can be difficult to treat, many eye cream for dark circles wind up disappointing. The reason that many eye creams fail to correct the problem is because they lack the key ingredients in their formulary to banish these bothersome circles. The right eye serum will have the perfect balance of effective ingredients to cure the dark circles without causing harm to the delicate skin beneath your eyes. Go to harsh and you will have regrets!

What Causes Them?

The hyperpigmentation under your eyes (dark circles) is caused by a range of environmental factors and genetic factors. While it is true just about everyone’s skin is thinner in the orbital socket area (up to 1.5 times thinner than the skin on other areas of your body) it is not true that everyone has the appearance of dark circles. If your relatives are prone to discoloration around the eyes than you are at a greater risk. Other factors that can “cause” these circles to appear include:

  • Aging
  • Hyperpigmentation due to additional melanin being produced
  • Sun exposure
  • Dermatitis including contact dermatitis
  • Allergies
  • Certain drugs
  • Edema, anemia
  • Hormones

Some of the causes you can control some you cannot. For people with fair skin, the discoloration is a reflection of the veins under the skin and the color of the blood.

What Can You Do

Controlling the appearance of unsightly discolorations on the skin under the eyes requires a perfectly balanced formula that is created to address this problem. Using other skin creams meant for other areas of the body can backfire by causing damage to this very delicate area. You can:

  • Be sure you drink plenty of water
  • Stay out of the sun or wear large sunglasses to cover the area when you are in the sun
  • Treat the area gently with an effective serum made especially for this area

Proven Effective

The best way you can avoid disappointing treatments is to start with a trusted source. A trusted source like Talia Skin Care puts the money into research and development to craft formulas for your whole face including under eye area, that are safe, effective and never tested on animals! Before you throw in the towel and cover up your dark circles with makeup, give the eye serum from Talia a chance to show you what an effective formula can do for your skin!



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