How to Pack Beauty Products For The Ultimate Summer Vacation

June 19, 2018

How to Pack Beauty Products For The Ultimate Summer Vacation

Summertime is in full swing so we know by now that you’re ready to take that next flight somewhere warm and tropical. Just thinking about what clothes to bring can be a little stressful and it’s the same case with packing all your beauty staples – cleanser, moisturizer, foundation… the list just goes on and on!

Packing beauty products is stressful because you have to adhere to all the TSA regulations. They will allow you to have a one one-quart clear, resealable plastic bag with liquids, gels, creams and aerosols that have to be packaged in containers of three oz (or less) capacity for your carry-on bag. Everything else will go straight to your checked-in bags or suitcases.

Have you experienced arriving at your vacation destination only to find out that your cleanser or toner leaked on your clothes and just about everywhere else inside your bag? It’s a terrible experience so to speak so to avoid such disaster, we have created this guide to help you pack your favorite sustainable beauty products here at Kosmify to make the most out of your summer holiday! 

But First, Organize! 

Resist the urge to bring everything with you. You may feel the need to bring them all but just prioritize bringing exactly what you need. Since it’s warm and sunny this summer, bring your sunscreen, lip balm, hydrating mist and just about any product that will keep your skin moisturized throughout your vacation. Before you pack them, separate the items according to their type. Separate anything that is in glass containers that could potentially leak during travel. Also, separate products that can break like compact powders. In a nutshell, keep like items together. 

Purchase Small, Refillable Bottles

It’s tedious to bring all your beauty essentials in their own packaging so invest in small, refillable bottles to put your products on. They are designed to prevent leaks from happening and they won’t take up a lot of space, too.

Put Your Most Used Beauty Essentials in Your Carry-On

So, we mentioned the one-quart resealable bag that you can put on your carry-on bag earlier, right? Fill it with the essential products that you will likely use while you’re traveling like lip balm, hand lotion, gloss, powder etc. Your go-to products should be accessible so you can freshen up while on the plane or when you get off of it.

Double-Seal Your Bottles

If you don’t have a small bottle to put your liquid foundation on, make sure the cap is screwed tightly. As an extra precaution, wrap the foundation bottle in a cling wrap or quart-sized Ziploc before you pack it. In case the product spills, it won’t leak because of the added protection from the cling wrap. You can use tape on the bottlenecks, too. Do the same if the product is in a squeeze tube – just get the excess air out of it by giving it a little squeeze because air pressure when you’re on the plane can cause containers to explode. 

Wait, Don’t Forget Your Powders…

If you think bottled beauty products are fragile, so compact with powders like eyeshadows, bronzer, blush and more. They can easily break when dropped, bumped or crushed. You can protect them by wrapping them inside socks or any cushiony materials and situate them in the middle of your suitcase. 

So there you have it! These packing tips will ensure you won't experience travel disasters involving your go-to beauty products. Do you find them helpful? Let us know what you think via Facebook and Instagram.