Mean Girls make-up is officially here

June 10, 2017

Mean Girls make-up is officially here

And it’s just as fetch as we hoped.

Last October, Vogue reported the power of the internet was focused on making Mean Girls make-up happen. A Nebraska-based beauty brand called Storybooks Cosmetics, had come up with the idea of a Mean Girls make-up palette, and it seems the idea was exactly what the people wanted. Storybook Cosmetics has just announced it is launching the first Mean Girls eyeshadow palette.

The make-up company confirmed the news on its Instagram account, with the below picture, announcing it will be here this fall (our spring time). 

“On Wednesdays we wear Storybook Cosmetics,” the brand captioned the image.

Co-founders and sisters Missy, Erin and Mandy Maynard, confirmed to Teen Vogue the product will be in collaboration with Paramount Pictures.

Co-founder Missy Maynard told Teen Vogue: “This eyeshadow palette is one of the first palettes we dreamed up,” saying it will exist of 12 highly pigmented shades.  

The palette will look like the movie’s famous pink Burn Book and while the exact shades and colour names are yet to be announced, the brand posted the below snap back in October of their inspiration, so take a peek. 

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