Summer Hair Care: Best Hair Conditioning Treatments To Try Now

July 15, 2018

Summer Hair Care: Best Hair Conditioning Treatments To Try Now

Summer is always about enjoying the outdoors. Think about all the things you can do under the sun: hiking, swimming, camping, road trips, attending concerts and hosting BBQ parties, among others.

The hot summer sun can harm the skin in so many ways than one which is why we always recommend you wear sunscreen diligently during this time of the year. What most of us forget is that the sun can also wreak havoc on our hair as with our skin. Our hair also takes quite a beating with the sea salt, wind and sweat from the good old sunshine. Make sure you treat your hair with Kosmify’s top hair care products to restore hydration and revive your strands’ health in no time. 

Saryna Key Damage Repair Shea Butter –This product was designed to treat, restore and repair hair. It has high concentrations of Shea butter which naturally contain: vitamins A,E,F, amino acids and keratin. The treatment’s natural keratin will help to create soft shiny hair while amino acids build the proteins needed to repair and replenish dry, damaged hair. After being exposed to the sun, leave it on for 2 to 5 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Your hair will become noticeably softer, shinier and healthier in just one use.

Saryna Key Shea Butter Oil – This shea butter oil coats hair to leave it soft, shiny and well moisturized. It is highly concentrated with vitamins, silk proteins and amino acids which provide superior moisture to restore damaged hair from root to end. This works best for those who always end up with frizzy hair when out and about. Simply apply to the clean, dry or damp hair focusing on the ends to nourish your strands.

Sutra Hair Mask – This hydrating hair mask uses the perfect balance of natural minerals and oils that revive the hair instantly. The mask starts by nourishing the hair cuticles, mending your hair and healing the damaged hair. This outstanding formula rewinds any damage done to your hair, bringing it back to its most healthy form. Your hair will feel softer and look shinier from day one. 

Marula Beauty Daily Moisture Mist– help your hair quench its thirst from the harmful heat of the sun using this special hair mist that doubles as a leave-in conditioner and heat protectant. It delivers intense moisture, tames frizz and detangles without build-up while providing heat protection up to 428 in a single spritz. 

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