Why Vitamin C is the Most Searched for Beauty Ingredient of 2018

October 03, 2018

Why Vitamin C is the Most Searched for Beauty Ingredient of 2018

Vitamin C is one of the most searched ingredients in the internet today. The reason being it offers innumerable benefits for our well-being. To start with, vitamin C hosts a powerhouse of antioxidants that boost and strengthen our immune system. In the beauty industry, vitamin C is touted as one of the most sought-after ingredients in skincare products. 

Vitamin C provides a string of complexion-enhancing benefits - from brightening dull skin to boosting collagen production and lightening hyperpigmentation, vitamin C got you covered. According to Joshua Zeichner, director of cosmetic and clinical research in dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, vitamin C may help to protect the skin from pre-cancerous changes from UV light exposure by neutralizing free radicals. It's no longer surprising that on Pinterest's search result report for 2018, vitamin C in skin care spiked up to 3,379 percent, which means internet users are becoming very aware of the importance and benefits of this ingredient. It seems like this report influenced a lot of brands' product development teams since more and more products are being launched every day featuring vitamin C in their formulas. 

In a nutshell, vitamin C is one of the most powerful antioxidants that can truly protect your skin against free radical damage. Are you interested to know which vitamin C-rich products we're loving right now? Continue to read this post to know what they are:

Talia Skincare Age Defying Advanced Serum - This moisturizing anti-aging serum from Talia Skincare features the most potent pure form of Vitamin C available on the market. It boosts collagen production and keeps the skin healthy with noticeable elasticity. It works for all skin types and is 100% cruelty-free and vegan. 

Eminence Bright Skin Moisturizer SPF 30 - If you're looking for a moisturizer that will protect you against the harsh rays of the sun while brightening your complexion in the process, the Eminence Bright Skin Moisturizer SPF 30  is your best bet. It features a potent combination of five botanical ingredients which help fade dark spots. For normal to dry skin types.

Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum - This is the best vitamin C serum we have tried so far! This award-winning serum features a harmonious blend of antioxidants that work wonders on improving the overall appearance of the skin! It prevents wrinkles from forming and makes the skin look and feel plump.